0.8 2018-01-14


  • Schedule statistics mode.
  • #67 stop stress test.
  • #64 run selected schedule.
  • Schedule filter.
  • Step by step install.


  • change duplicated env will apply the change to origin env.

0.7 2017-12-31


  • #63 support console.log debug in script.
  • #57 parameters could be a variable.
  • #34 support custom smtp mail interface.
  • #30 support swagger import.
  • new request from cURL.
  • generate code of java, python, go, c#... for request.
  • beauty body(json/xml).
  • beautify xml response.
  • view diff of schedule comparision result.
  • remove error annotate of variable in script/parameters.


  • common pre script save error for new collection, strict ssl null.
  • schedule save failed when check and uncheck compare.
  • import postman json failed - headers may be null.
  • request's duration miss waiting connect.
  • not stop when find password failed.

0.6 2017-12-18


  • #45 Stress test support ES6 and js lib, data.
  • improve request workflow, refer to: workflow.
  • Test & Global function support Environment
  • #47 display image if response header include 'image/*'


  • #62 global function miss if switch module.
  • #59 exception caused by image data of schedule record.
  • #55 failed to construct WebSocket for stress test.
  • schedule record timer take 1 min error.
  • name will be reset if change method.

0.5 2017-11-28


  • #41 New property request for Script included url, body, headers, method, new method setRequest(request) to change request before sent.
  • #41 Common Pre Request Script for Collection,this script will apply to all requests of this Collection.
  • #42 New config setting inviteMemberDirectly used to set if need email to invite members to Project, default is true (without email)。
  • #43 New document in gitboook: https://brookshi.gitbooks.io/hitchhiker/content/en/introduction.html
  • #44 New option Request Follow Redirect for Collection used to follow redirect if response status is 3xx, default is false.
  • #51 New option Request Strict SSL for Colllection used to check SSL cert, default is false.

0.4.2 2017-11-18


  • #50 stress test exception, error setInterval

0.4.1 2017-11-15


  • #40 post data more than 1M will cause exception: Payload Too Large

0.4 2017-11-13


  • add pre request script.
  • #29 project folder system, upload js lib or data to project and then use it in script.
  • #22 schedule support run in hour or minute.
  • #34 email custom notification interface.
  • #24 expose schedule run now interface for external applications.


  • #24 schedule sort request invalid.
  • sync may override user data
  • env edit dialog will be clear when sync data

0.3 2017-10-30


  • support data sync automatically.


  • url doesn't support chinese.

0.2 2017-10-15


  • support Stress Test.

  • Support change port while using source code to deploy.


  • Schedule run empty collection exception.

0.1.3 2017-09-24


  • request parameterization, include ManytoMany and OnetoOne, now you can use a request to handle multple situation like various query string, body.

  • handle data by using $export$(data) for schedule comparing

  • #13 send request with common header like 'accept' etc.. which is defined in appconfig.json


  • handle undefined value of test

  • should not include cookie header if local cookie is empty

  • origin request will miss headers after Save As request

0.1.2 2017-09-09


  • could clear local cache

  • request's headers auto complete

  • favorite request's headers

  • global function of tests

  • adjust ui style

0.1.1 2017-08-26


  • Request history

  • Localhost mapping

  • Create request by click menu item of Collection/Folder

  • Request match/unmatch in Schedule

  • Add folder name for Schedule result

  • Try without login


  • Miss Headers sometimes after duplicating Request

  • Schedule edit dialog should only display environments of selected Collection

  • Run empty schedule error

  • Folder can't expand if filter project

0.1.0 2017-07-24

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