Why need parameters

Parameters is used to build requests with parameters, in general, a Api have several variables which have multiple values in query string or body, you must create lots of Request to cover all cases.

For example: There are 3 variables in your api, every variable have 3 different values, so you need create 3*3*3=27 requests. It's hard.

They are basically the same,so you can use Parameters to handle this situation, just write the variables in parameters, Hitchhiker will auto generate requests that you want.

Parameters' option

Parameters have two options to compose variables: Many to Many and One to One.

For example: there are two parameter A and B: A has two values: 1 and 2. B has two values:3 and 4.

You will have 4 request if select Many to Many13, 14, 23, 24:

And have 2 for One to One13, 24:

Parameters is a JSON object, you must write it using this format as below:

    "A": [1, 2],
    "B": [3, 4]

Use parameters

Let's edit Sample Request to using Parameters.

  1. Go to Collection Module, select Sample Request, select Body tab of request, now body is { "Desc": "It's a sample" }.

  2. Change body to { "Desc": "{{param}}" }.

  1. Select Parameters tab of request.

  2. Enter { "param": [ "Test A", "Test B" ] }.

  3. Hit Save button.

Now you can see Hitchhiker generate two requests for these two params.

Hit Send button to test one or all of them.

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